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By James Carville

Every 4 years american citizens carry a presidential election. a person wins and anyone loses. that is lifestyles. yet 2008 used to be an anomaly. The election of President Barack Obama is ready whatever some distance higher than 4 or perhaps 8 years within the White condominium. for the reason that 2004, americans were witnessing and taking part within the emergence of a Democratic majority that would final now not 4 yet 40 years.

To comprehend the emergence of an enduring Democratic majority we are going to first need to spend a couple of moments reviewing the profound and constant incompetence of the Bush management -- and the pursuant cave in of the Republican celebration. that suggests on reflection on the failure of Republican rules -- together with a wholesale rejection of the parable of conservative superiority at the financial system -- and protecting our noses lengthy adequate to survey the gallery of really repellent scoundrels, scandals, and screwups that the Republican celebration has been chargeable for over the past 8 years.

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18 I don’t have to explain to anyone how important Social Security is. Anyone with parents, grandparents, or the intention of living past the age of sixty-five is in favor of Social Security. The health care plan McCain proposed was unapologetically Bushian. 23 Right now, 158 million Americans get health care through their employers. 25 Math isn’t my field, but I feel compelled to crunch a few numbers. 26 Again, I’m not a mathematician, but by my estimates, taking $5,000 from $12,000 leaves $7,000.

As the saying goes, there’s no one more zealous than a convert. In fact, McCain felt so strongly about doing his part to relieve the plight of the upper-middle-class and rich American that he pledged to extend Bush’s tax cuts on the campaign trail. 13 What McCain’s tax proposals made brilliantly clear to Americans is that, like Bush and the rest of the Republican Party, McCain doesn’t really “get” economics. Actually, let me refine that statement: McCain doesn’t even understand arithmetic. McCain tried to sell his economic plan by telling folks that eliminating earmarks would cover the costs.

Republicans deserved the spanking they got, and they know they deserved it. ) Introduction When historians or scientists look back over huge cataclysmic events, they generally find some harbinger that went unnoticed at the time. There’s always a warning. If you’re a chaos theorist, it’s the flapping of the proverbial butterfly’s wings in New York that caused a tsunami in Hong Kong. A meteorologist might think of it in terms of a category five hurricane that began as a low-pressure area off the Cape Verde Islands on the African coast.

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