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Scorching at the path of 7 speaking parrots that experience possible vanished into skinny air, the 3 Investigators are in additional difficulty than ever. threat lurks at each flip as they look for the birds, each one of whom can quote a part of a coded message from a mysterious useless man.  

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In the image that speed would be 108 times greater, that is, more than 100 times the speed of light! In the inset the helical structure of the flagellum which could be recognized in −7 can no longer be seen, as again only hydrogen atoms are indicated, and all other atoms behind them (oxygen, carbon, and nitrogen) are left out. In the corner is one quarter of a hydrogen atom. 1 cm. in picture = 10−8 cm. = 1˚A(angstrom unit). Scale = 100,000,000:1 = 108 46 −9 Again in this picture darkness of tone denotes the probability that an electron will be found in a certain place.

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