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The colours serve as a warning to predators that the frogs are deadly to eat. In addition, the bright flashes of colour are used by males to attract females. Photographs of these familiar species often make it hard to visualize the scale of the tiny creatures. Most are less than 3 cm long and could perch on your fingertip – but wear gloves! 057 (Ranitomeya reticulata) is found in the rainforests in the Iquitos region of Peru, at the western end of the Amazon Basin. "Lehmann’s poison frog (Oophaga lehmanni), Colombia I D E N T I TY $ The reticulated poison dart frog $The spot-legged poison frog (Ameerega picta) is endemic to Bolivia.

This Platypelis grandis from Madagascar is keeping moist in a tree hole. 035 I D E N T I TY "The European common frog (Rana temporaria) is one of the most widespread frog species. It lives across Europe as fas as the Urals and is found on the edge of the Arctic Circle in Norway. TREE FROGS As their name suggests, frogs belonging to this group spend their lives in the branches. They are the most agile of frogs, characterized by long legs and gripping toe pads used to cling to bark and leaves.

The thought of having to spend the whole night in the cold was terrifying. But one of the guides was brave enough to risk his life attempting to cross the torrent. He jumped in and swam to the other side, just making it before crashing onto a rock! Then he went back to the lodge for a long rope. When he returned, he threw the rope over to us, so we were able to cross the creek safely, our bags on our heads. 031 I D E N T I TY $Cochranella truebae glass frogs enjoying the rain of the high, cold forest in the Manu National Park, Peru.

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