Advanced molecular biology: a concise reference by Richard Twyman PDF

By Richard Twyman

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This booklet emphasises the unifying rules and mechanisms of molecular biology, with widespread use of tables and containers to summarise experimental facts and gene and protein features.

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Interestingly, the DNA replication checkpoint of Aspergillus niduluns involves both control of Cdc2 (through Wee1 and Cdc25) and a downstream component, NimA kinase, through the productof the bimE gene. BimE is a component of the A. niduluns APC. Mitosis. 4). One critical but probably indirect target of the M-phase kinase is the anaphase-promoting complex(APC),a destruction box-dependent ubiquitin ligase which facilitates the sudden degradation of mitotic cyclins (in animals, cyclin A at metaphase and cyclin B at the metaphase-anaphase transition - the differential timing may reflect the efficiencies of the destruction boxes).

Annu. Pines, J. andHunter, T. (1995) Cyclin-dependent kinases: An embarrassment of riches? In:Cell Cycle Rev. Microbiol. 4 7 199-230. M. D. Glover),pp. 144-176. IRL proteinsthatcontrolthecellcycle. Nature 389 Press, Oxford. 149-152. J. (1996)Cell division. Gottesfeld, JM. I. and Garcia-Lara, In: Regulation of Gene Expression in Escherichia coli sion of thetranscriptionalmachinery. C. S. Lynch), pp. 547-570. R. G. Biochem. Sci. 22 197-202. Landes/Chapman & Hall, New York. A. A. M. (1995)Inhibitors of mamPOLO-like kinases join the outer circle.

Hum. Genet. 9 5 127-148. This Page Intentionally Left Blank Chapter 2 The Cell Cycle Fundamental concepts and definitions The cell cycle is the sequence of events between successive cell divisions. g. g. cell division). Cell division must be coordinated with growth DNA andreplication so that cell size and DNA content remain constant. The cell cycle comprises nuclear a or chromosomal cycle(DNA replication and partition) and a cytoplasmic or cell division cycle (doubling and division of cytoplasmic components, which in eukaryotes includes the organelles).

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