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By Alice Joyce Davidson

ISBN-10: 0766717356

ISBN-13: 9780766717350

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You may go with us if you wish. 3. I do not know the girl who spoke to me. 4. This is the sweater that Mary gave me. 5. I slept soundly until the telephone rang. 6. When the rain stopped, we finished the game. 7. The shirt that I ordered was sent to Alaska. 8. I will call you when I have finished my work. 9. The game was canceled because the snow was too deep. 10. When the catcher dropped the ball, the game was lost. 11. The students who were standing in the rear left early. 12. You may not leave the room until the bell rings.

2. He put his work clothes in his locker. 3. Bill will work at the mill until September. 4. Wilma bought an expensive oil painting. 5. Can you oil my sewing machine? 6. My car needs two quarts of oil . 29 Assessing Language: Grade 8 Name Period Date Score The Function of Words I. 1. The child put the pencil in the box. 2. A light in the window was our signal. 3. In the morning the milkman comes to our house . 4. They stood near us. 5. Did Bobby finish his milk and cookies? 6. Many pine cones were scattered on the ground.

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