New PDF release: American Historical Fiction: An Annotated Guide to Novels

By Lynda G. Adamson

ISBN-10: 0585107556

ISBN-13: 9780585107554

ISBN-10: 1573560677

ISBN-13: 9781573560672

This booklet will fill a spot within the bibliographic reference shelf by means of settling on old novels for either grownup and younger grownup readers. American old Fiction includes over 3,000 titles set in states and old areas of the us. Entries are equipped by means of period of time. the latest titles, in addition to previous favorites, are coated. the quantity is listed by means of writer, identify, style, topic, and geographic surroundings.

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New York: Viking, 1986. 240 pp. La Salle, the first white man who traveled the length of the Mississippi River, describes his interest in nature while his cartographer, Pierre Goupil, sees the filth and sickness of 17th-century exploration. Genre(s): Biographical Fiction. W Wohl, Burton 99. Soldier in Paradise. New York: Putnam, 1977. 345 pp. In 1580, Captain John Smith is born and, unsuited for a quiet life of farming, he joins the army and ends up in the New World and Virginia. Genre(s): Biographical Fiction.

Series: Keepers of the Ring, 2) Genre(s): Christian Fiction. K Kevan, Martin 72. Racing Tides. New York: Beaufort, 1983. 283 pp. The colonists react to the Native Americans and to each other from the viewpoint of a young Frenchman who poses as a seminarian but is actually a gambler fleeing his debts. Genre(s): Adventure Story. L L'Amour, Louis 73. Jubal Sackett. New York: Bantam, 1985. 375 pp. Jubal Sackett explores the West and meets a Kickapoo brave who helps him save the Natchez princess Itchakomi from a Spanish soldier.

16. People of the Wolf. New York: Tor, 1990. 435 pp. Runs-in-Light and Raven Hunger, born brothers in the Ice Age clan of the The People, Children of the Father Sun, chose different paths, one being a proud, violent warrior and the other a Dreamer serving his people. (Series: First North American, 1) Genre(s): Epic Literature; Adventure Story. Gray, Robert Steele 17. Survivor. New York: St. Martin's Press, 1998. 336 pp. When lightning bolts strike Mark Lewellyn, they transport him from contemporary America to AD 200 where he must survive buffalo herds and warring Native Americans.

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